What is betting needs?

Betting needs are on almost all bonuses you receive when you deposit. The betting needs means that you require to spin over the X amount of the times. In different words, you require to bet money you get together with your deposit many amount of times before you can get out the money. The betting needs can differ many, so should really read the terms &conditions when you claim a bonus on an Esports betting site. Let’s provide an example:

You deposit 10€ on Bet365 an Esports betting site and claim a 100 percent bonus.  This means your account will now hold 20€. But this money in its place bonus money for example, 5x that means you require to bet a complete of 100€ to be able to make it true money again. Let’s say you place a bet 20€ on a League of legends game with 5.0 odds. Your team wins and the cash is now paid out. You’ll now have 100€ on your account, but the betting needs is just done by 20% as you simply bet 20€ of the 100€ that you required to. You place one more bet for 80€ that you lose, you still have 20€ on your account.

This amount is though now withdrawable, as betting needs of 100€ is done. Let’s you win the older wager with 2.0 odds, you would now have 180€ on your account, that is also complete withdrawable.

We hope this provides you a great understanding of what betting means in terms of bonuses on Esports betting sites.


You need to look at all cs go betting sites before starting to bet. if you do that you can make sure to find the best bonus before starting your betting.

Just a simple way not to get scammed.

csgo betting sites


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